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HappySinglesMeet.com is a NEW Conscious, intentional dating site for Positive Minds and Optimistic Hearts. Our membership base consists of users between the ages of 18-80 years old. We help you connect with like-minded friends, find intentional dates, find courtship, or marriage. What sets us apart from bigger mainstream sites is that we give every user a Dating Mentor! Your Dating Mentor frequency depends on what type of membership you have or upgrade to. Click on the Dating Mentor tab at the bottom to read more about FREE & PREMIUM Dating Mentor Services.

HappySinglesMeet.com is different from other mainstream dating sites by engaging current culture with innovative solutions that establish a better way of finding the "Good Life". We use a POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY algorithm for matchmaking, and your dating mentor sends you the results. PLUS, we show you how to maintain your new relationships. We cover you from A to Z in all romantic stages by:

1-Matchmaking through 2-Dating through 3-Self-Improvement to 4-Pre-Engagement Coaching, and/or 5-Marriage Ceremony (if you live in our area). We're staffed with positive change agents, dating mentors, and conscious dating coaches ready to help you when you log-in. Tired of dumpster dating, hook-up culture, Jedi-mind tricks, and rampant divorces?? This site is the answer. Our unique Positive Psychology algorithm matches unmistakable compatibility.

HappySinglesMeet.com is best for the following types of potential members-SOMEONE WHO OR WANTS TO: views the past favorable, enjoys the moment, is open to co-creating their future, wants to make better choices or major decisions, has good-practical habits, is financially secure, is developing stress resilience, has a stress resistant mindset, enhances their overall health, does not mind to exercise, can eat humble pie, has a sense of morals-values-standards, looks at the bright side of things, is generally upbeat, has faith and beliefs, emotionally present, fosters positive vibes around others, would rather have happy thoughts, is mostly optimistic, expresses needs and desires, is available for a relationship, shows up, accepts others, is grateful, accepts own self, finds humor in everyday life, doesn't sweat the small stuff, supports or gives to causes, accepts the gifts of imperfection, is open to cleaner eating, is concerned about the environment, may be a minimalist, has purpose, takes time to smell the roses, enjoys the beauty in nature, can say thank-you, appreciates creatures big and small, would like to reduce carbon footprints, engages in healthy-safe activities, etc .

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Just like with income, you should diversify your dating avenues by becoming our member. When beginning to date, it is a good idea to be on a number of dating sites at the same time. We advance good in our society by counting gratitude in all areas of our lives, even when things don't work out. That's why we are the FIRST dating site to provide CERTIFIED Dating Mentors, Dating Facilitators, and Conscious Life Coaches. If you need urgent or one-on-one individual advice, we provide conscious dating coaching. Should you find a match, we provide services from the Prepare/Enrich program. Take the assessment, and you will find out the strengths and weaknesses in your personality & lifestyle individually and with a partner. Getting into an exclusive relationship is something you need to be prepared for. You will find numerous resources in enhancing and maintaining your magnet lifestyle by reading our Dater's Handbook.

HappySinglesMeet.com provides hope, positive lifestyle tools, and continuous mentoring in a journey that we're going through with you. We don't share or sell your personal contact information with white labels or third parties, nor do we buy or use fake robot profiles. Due to this industry shocking decision we have less members at this time, but we do have fresh-organic-happy people! We are trusted, safe, and secured by having a SSL certificate. The usage of SSL technology ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted. Our target is to be genuine from the start, and keep YOU as our first priority with personalized, niched, and boutique-style dating services for Conscious and Optimistic Singles.

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